Cambridge Minyan is an egalitarian, lay-led minyan and our services are enhanced by broad participation. We welcome volunteers, and are happy to help anyone learn to lead parts of the service or read Torah or haftarah for the first time. Kiddush sponsorship is also very helpful, of course - to volunteer to help out with anything, please contact us using the addresses listed below. Feel free to email us at with any questions.

Our Leadership Team leads our community and oversees our programs in each of the following categories:

Chesed Coordinator, Jacob Richards (
Davening Coordinator, Ariana Weinstock (
Davening Logistics Coordinator, Sarah Magidson (
D'var Torah Coordinator, Lea Winkler (
External Communications Coordinator, Risa Dunbar (
Finances Coordinator, Jeremy Rothman-Shore (
Friday Night Coordinators, Elizabeth Eggert and Talia Berkowitz (
Gabbai Coordinator, Yonina Eisenberg (
Kiddush and Lunches Coordinators, Lea Winkler and Stephanie Schneiderman (
Leyning Coordinators, Rachie Lewis and Jacob Richards (
Strategic Planning Coordinator, Nicole Samuel (
Shiva Coordinators, Sarah Magidson and Yonina Eisenberg (


We periodically sponsor classes to teach leading services and Torah reading - please get in touch if you are interested. Also, if MP3 files of service melodies and Torah reading would be helpful, try out the links here.

Davening is split among two or three people for every service: on Friday nights, one person leads kabbalat shabbat and another leads maariv, and on Shabbat morning one person each takes p'sukei d'zimra, shacharit, and musaf (the Torah service is divided between shacharit and musaf). Occasionally the person leading shacharit will also lead p'sukei d'zimra. Outlines of these services, with page numbers in several siddurim can be found here: Friday night | Shabbat morning.

We're happy to assign Torah reading as far in advance as you'd like (or let us know if you can read on short notice). To see what the Torah reading is on a given week, try Hebcal (although note that sometimes a special haftarah takes precedence over the one listed). The dates we are meeting are listed on the calendar page.

After Ein Keiloheinu on Shabbat morning (and at the end of kabbalat shabbat on Friday night), we include text-study/Torah teaching in the service - we welcome many perspectives and new teachers are always welcome.

For a variety of helpful resources in preparing to read Torah or haftarah, lead services, or teach, please see our Resources page.


Shabbat morning services are followed by a light kiddush. Sponsors are always appreciated - it can be to mark an important occasion, a birthday or yahrzeit, graduation, engagement, or just because you enjoy having a quick bite to eat with friends after services. Volunteers to help with shopping, setting up, and cleaning up kiddush are also welcome. Please contact us at

All community members are encouraged to sign up for at least one kiddush toranut shift in the new year. Toranut includes helping our kiddush coordinator with kiddush prep, set up and clean up Shabbat morning. We will send you a reminder a few days before your toranut shift. Please click the link below to select a date or email with any questions.!/showSignUp/805084caea62dabf58-kiddush


Our Friday night davening and potluck events take place in the homes of members of the community. We also arrange for other hosted Shabbat meals from time to time, and everyone is encouraged to take the initiative to invite people over for a meal after services. If you would like to host a potluck, contact us at

We ask that all prepared food come from a kosher kitchen, and all purchased food have a hechsher (kosher certification symbol - see for examples). All food should be purchased and cooked before Shabbat - candle lighting can be found on our calendar.

Social Action

We are always looking for more ways to help members of the community get involved in social action projects. Please let us know if you have ideas or suggestions - contact us at And if you or anyone you know is dealing with life events such as the birth of a child, illness, death, or loss of a job, please get in touch with us right away at

Leadership team

The minyan is run by a leadership team (listed above), who meet every few weeks to coordinate upcoming events and services. We'd love to have your input and participation! To find out more about how to get more involved, contact us at